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Don't worry if you don't know Japanese. I know you're willing to grope through a wall of text you don't understand just to see a breast and ass, but no, that's not necessary. The DVD cover art that takes up the entire interface contains all Japanese, but the website uses English.

The DVD titles are also translated, but the letters in the illustrations are not. You will have enough information to decide on the video title and the illustrations.

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Are you ready to see Asian girls at JAVHD2.NET? Are you addicted to yellow girls? Wait, that's a bit racist to say. Let me say it again. Do you enjoy swiping wildly while watching videos of Asian girls being fucked? If the answer is yes then you might want to check out JAVHD2

What word does JAV stand for? Maybe Just Anal Virgins or Jolly Amateur Vixens? Or Jelly-Ass and Voluptuous (Big Ass Big Tits)? Jerking At Vaginas? Nah, much simpler: Japanese Adult Video.

That's exactly what you get at JAVHD2.NET. Adult video, made in Japan. Pornography from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Various types of Asian sex on hot topics at JAVHD2.NET

If you click the TAGS section at the top of the page, you will be able to filter videos by Tag, Studio, and Actress criteria. Each tag will take you to its respective category, or you can display them all on one page by clicking TAGS.

They have a huge tag catalog to help you narrow down your search. You're probably thinking that this list will feature Japanese genres like bukkake (mass ejaculation) or cosplay with a screenshot of a girl in a Chun Li costume. You are correct, of course. But you'll also enjoy all the standard stuff on any porn site: Creampie (cunt), Big tits (Big tits), Voyeur (Visual), Facials (Face cum). ), Squirting (Female ejaculation).

If you like extremely lewd and weird sex videos and haven't seen Japanese porn before, get ready, you're about to have a very cool adventure. Tags include restraint, piss drinking, groping, and tentacle. I clicked on the Fighting Action category and got a DVD movie page showing women dressed as superheroes, princesses, and wrestlers.

This is when things get murky. I clicked on the DVD cover that looked like the sexy, grown-up Sailor Moon. Instead of opening a normal page with a video player and download link, Chrome showed me a bright red warning page saying "The site you redirected to contains malicious code". I click back. I have to accept the regret of the fake Sailor Moon being fucked, but at least my computer is not infected with malicious code.

The movies on the page are also not effectively tagged. The cheerleaders I've seen only have the tags Beautiful Girl, Huge Butt, and Ultra-Huge Tits. Even looking at the cover photo alone can tell they omit other obvious tags. The movie contains Doggystyle, Facial, Masturbation, and Toys scenes, but they will not appear in the card section.

The Studio and Actress tabs work much better. Starting with Cheerleader With Colossal Tits, I clicked on Monami Takarada and found out that she appeared on many other DVDs on the site. You're going to be pretty busy tonight.

You might be wondering if they have a section devoted to Hentai or Japanese anime content. JAVHD2.NET doesn't have such stuff, but they do have a sister site that has them.

A JAVSEX topics at JAVHD2

It seems that discussions on JAVHD2 are more active than on other porn sites. Early on, I was reviewing a website where the comments would often just say simple things like “lol that nanny is so big, face me please”. Here, users write whole articles about filming, cover design, and career information of the actresses.

I'm sure many of the users on JAVHD2.NET are just common harlots, willing to masturbate to almost anything, but some of them act like scholars of the JAV genre. The page goes even deeper, discussing Japan's censorship of xxx content, weird movie codes, and where to find JAV actress information.

The JAV glossary section is also worth clicking, even if you just want to see how awesome the page is. Chikan means harassment, often used in harassment videos on public buses. Gokkun is the Japanese word for the sound when swallowed, as well as the type of sex movie in which a woman sucks on several guys at once and then sucks her semen. Kintama Mitsubishi is about torturing a guy by squeezing his thighs.

Don't get it wrong. Most of the terms are translations of your standard erotic phrases, like sushi is this semen, or Shinjuku is this female ejaculate. Wow, I'd love to see the boldness of the bold Japanese when it comes to lewd content. They are not timid like the rest of the world.

There are many Asian sex sites out there. Most sex sites these days have a section dedicated to Asian porn. But JAVHD2.NET focuses on even more specific aspects of the Asian porn genre, JAV DVDs and they are probably the best English site to do it. The site has a huge, growing collection that you can view and download for free. Don't wait any longer, visit now!