BrokenTeens Tied Lesbian Extreme Shaking Orgasm Swallow

BrokenTeens Tied Lesbian Extreme Shaking Orgasm Swallow play

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" Kelli nodded and got up, she didnt want to get punished again, she didnt know what was wrong with her dad but she didnt want to push his buttons so she made spaghetti and when her mom got home they all sat down to eat, she couldnt help but whimper and wince as she sat, her ass stinging again, even the fabric of her clothing hurt her, her mom asked what was wrong but she just lied and said she fell down at shool, feeling her dad glaring at her and seeing his smile at her answer, apparently it was ok to lie when it covered his ass Gay Cumjerkingoff Rough Sex Amatuer . one time she came home from school early and was shocked to see her dad fucking her mom on the couch, she managed not to gasp and was slowly backing out of the house when her dad looked up and caught her, he smiled and held a finger up to his lips signaling her to be quiet as mommy hadnt noticed her yet, he shook his head as she kept backing up,signaling he wanted her to stay and watch, she was very uncomfortable and stared at the floor, her face getting very red as she heard her dad grunting, his hips slapping her moms as he pounded into her, she kept hearing her moms moans and it appeared she had orgasmed multiple times, but her dad refused to stop until Kelli looked up, he looked into her eyes as he slammed into her mom one more time filling her with his cum, he then nodded his approval for Kelli to leave and she dashed out as quickly and quietly as possible.
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Tied Lesbian Extreme Shaking Orgasm

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