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JAV: THE WIVES SWITCH CLUB 2 PART 2 As tom and I drove home we didn’t say too much to each other it was strange as if we both felt guilty about what we had just done, As we arrived home Tom said do you want to talk about it “No not yet lets go to bed “ I needed Toms cock in me I could still feel James cum and I wanted to imagine Tom was James as he fucked me, After sex I asked him how it had gone with Bee and he started to tell me in great detail I started to rub his cock while he told me what they had done together and to be honest I wasn’t really Listening I just wanted his cock hard again so he could fuck me again, Tom then said “well that’s what we did how about you Yes it was so amazing I really enjoyed the sex he was such a stud he fucked me all night it has left me wanting more, Then I asked what was you thinking while you fucked Bee Well I thought her husband was properly fucking my wife so I was going to make sure I fucked his wife, That so turned me on the thought of another man fucking my wife it made me want to fuck Bee even harder and faster in fact she said Oh shit your really fucking me hard Oh shit don’t you stop as I’m about to cum again, I could feel Tom was now getting hard again “Was you jealous that I was getting fucked by another man” To be honest yes I was I wanted to be there to watch him fuck you I have always wanted to watch you fuck other men and I couldn’t see you getting fucked I was very jealous of him, Tom the next time we do this together “Is there going to be a next time Tom said “Oh yes love there will now Your hard again will you fuck me again” In the morning after Tom had gone to work I started thinking about what he had said last night I got the impression he wasn’t too keen on switching again but I was so I took the morning off work to go through the members list and try and pick out suitable couples there was so many so I made a short list so that I Tom could look When he got home from work, What ever James had done to me it left me wanting more adventures with other couples, over the next couple of weeks Tom seem to loose interest in wanting to switch again he would say no I don’t like the look of them so when we did fuck I always imagined it was James that was fucking me and not Tom I had to stop doing this as it was not fair to Tom he didn’t deserve that, It was me that was wanting more so one night when we were in bed I said to Tom “what is it that is bothering you about switching again its like you no longer interested in making our sex life interesting anymore “Well you see Jenny its not about me its about you I so much want to watch you with other men I don’t need to fuck any other mans wife I want to satisfy my craving by watching you fuck other men remember the night when we went out with Brian and Tina to a club Brian said to me you have the most sexiest wife in this town and I would give anything to spend one night with your wife “Was you angry by what he said “ No I was this close to telling Brian you go for it you have my permission “ So you would have let him fuck me what are you saying to me you want me to go out bring a stranger or a friend home and fuck him while you watch me “Yes that’s what I’m saying “So you want it to be a wives watch club instead? “Yes I want this so much when I saw you come down the stairs wearing that dress for James I so much wanted To watch you tease him and fuck him that’s what I wanted Jenny” To say I was in shock he’s was actually giving permission to fuck anyone I wanted too so he could watch me” Wow I thought this was something totally new me, I thought I’m going to enjoy any man I want with my husband’s approval, Well Tom if that’s what you want I will do it for you “Oh jenny you are the best wife a man could have so lets start planning how we are going to do it “Tom there will be rules I get to pick the guy I go with you can help me choose the clothes I wear for each occasion agree “Yes babe agree” How will you watch me as the men may be put off if your in the same room and where do we do this “Not at home or a hotel? I have already thought of a place we could use there’s a log cabin that you can rent for the season we could set it up there it only an hours drive from here, You have it all worked out haven’t you? Well yes in a way I’ve been thinking about this ever since we agreed to switch, ”Ok how are you going to watch me without being seen” That’s the easy part I’m going to fit a two way mirror there’s a cupboard in the hall way which is attached to the bedroom wall and I’m going to record everything with my camcorder so we can watch it later “You really have thought this through haven’t you”? Of course I have its what I want and I now know its what you want too isn’t it “Yes Tom it is will this harm our marriage Only if you let it“ This could be the start of a new beginning for our sex life I get to watch you get to fuck what could be better Will you still love me and fuck me when I’ve been with other me Yes even more than I do now Right when do we start? I will get the ball rolling tomorrow its going to take me a couple of week to set things up your job now is to start looking for you next fuck buddy, Over the next few days Tom was not home much as he was preparing the cabin so we didn’t spend much time together so I wasn’t getting much sex, Tom was tired when he got home from work property was not selling too well at this time of year so instead of selling one house a week it was more like one house every six weeks that’s if you was lucky so I worked from home most of the time, I wasn’t too sure how I was going to find a person to have sex with other than going to a bar to be picked up a stranger that was too seedy for me I was fussy who I was going to have sex with not just any man a special man white or black as long as it was safe after all I was going to be my husbands slut from now on, I got a phone call asking me could I go and show a couple around a new build development we had been asked to sell, the development was out of town in a nice park area great for k**s if you have them, This couple were looking to down size from a 5 bed to a three bed this was my chance to sell a house as this month was so slow in sales, I had to make sure I looked my very best these houses were proving very difficult to sell because of the out of town location it was about an hours drive from here and I was told they would be there for 2pm and was now 12pm so I started to get ready What should I wear I needed this sale so I decided to push the boat out and wear a light lemon summer skirt that was flared at the bottom and very thin material it was about 6 inches above the knee showing my nice long tanned legs this was instead of my normal wear, As for my underwear I picked out a white thong I liked wearing thongs as they rub you between your pussy lips as you walk especially when you pull it up the side of your hips I picked out a pair of 5’ heels strappy white sandals, I looked in the mirror and thought this should a house today as I got into my car to make the drive I remembered when I took Tom to show him the development as we were thinking of buying one ourselves but Tom said it was too far for him to travel to work, I remember it well as the breeze had blown my skirt right up over my waist Tom said you would have to watch what you wear here, as the neighbors would get a right show I was wearing the same dress so I knew there was always a chance the breeze would blow across the estate I must make sure the husbands behind me so he get to see the full show, As I arrived I noticed the couple had the same car as myself it was a black ford explorer with blacked out windows my car was the same but in white you could see out but not in Tom and I had picked this car so we could have sex in the back without being seen remember I said I gave Tom a blow job on the way home from meeting friends in a bar that’s why, As I got out my car to greet them my spirits dropped as they were a couple in there late 60s I thought I must make sure as we walk up the driveway they are both in front of me I wouldn’t want my skirt to blow up and give them both a free show it might give the husband a heart attack Mature Woman I could feel the cool air on my rear just as I was trying to push my skirt down I caught a glimpse of someone standing behind me as I turned to look there was a very good looking young man blond hair blue eyes, Oh my god I thought he must have been standing there all the time when the wind lifted my skirt and must of seen everything I then wonder if he had indeed seen me jugging by his face he had, Then I heard the woman say “come on Andy sorry he’s my grandson she said he’s staying with us for a couple of weeks while his moms away, I could sense he was eying me up and down he must have gotten out of the car after we had started to walk up the drive, As we stepped inside the hall I started to explained and show the couple the down stairs layout of each room all the time I could sense him looking at me I mean it wasn’t every day a young man finds a mature woman sexy clearly he did, I then showed them the garden as we stepped out side to look the grandson was behind me we walked onto the patio the wind caught my skirt again and lifted it up this time I made no attempt to push it down I know he was looking so I thought have a good look while your grandparents are not looking, They did seem quite interested so that was a positive for me, they said they were looking to move to this area as they were looking to down size from the other side of town about a two hour drive from here so it was looking like a good sale for me, As we went back into the hall I showed them the main feature of the house was glass paneling up the stairs to the landing which had a unique feature this was a wide glass strip along the floor of the landing it was designed to bring more light into the hallway, As I started to lead them upstairs to show them the layout I notice from the corner of my eye the grandson standing at the bottom of the stairs making no attempt to follow he just seemed to be looking up I thought that he was trying to get another look up my skirt so as we climb to the top I thought what a turn on this young man is really interested in me I can tell from the look on his face, His grandparents were not a wear of what he was doing its a good job too as I was encouraging him to look I thought ok if you want to see more then keep looking up your in for a real surprise, As I got to the top of the stairs I pointed them in the direction of the bedrooms and said if you have any questions I’ll be waiting on the landing for you as I said it this was his cue to get in position for a even better look, I was about to stand over the glass strip on the landing floor, I went to the bathroom and removed my thong and made my way back to the landing I stood with my back to the glass paneling I knew he was down there looking up I could sense his presence I opened my legs so that he could see right up to my pussy It felt so good exposing myself to this young man he was now able to see right up my skirt and was properly feeling his cock in his jeans that made me more wet knowing he was getting a full view I opened my legs even more so that my pussy lips opened so he got a better look at me this was such a turn on I hadn’t had much sex lately due to Tom working on his project so I wanted to make sure that not only was I enjoying my self but he was too, I needed other men/ or now young men to satisfy my craving for sex, the couple came back and we made our way down stairs as the young man re appeared “Andy what have you been doing down there“ I was looking in the garden Gran and was now trying to cover up the fact he had a nice bulge in his jeans “Sorry she said we made him come with us today as he wanted to stay at home” I thought yes I bet your glad you did come today otherwise you wouldn’t have got a show like you have had today looking up my skirt and trying to get off on it, The Gran said, “Were going now we will be in touch we need to think about it Thanks for showing us around “That’s ok you have my card and give me a ring when you decide what you want to do’ We will thank you” As they were leaving I beckoned the young Andy over to me and pushed a piece of paper in his hand and said Did you enjoy the show just now that’s my phone number give me a ring by the way that’s a nice bulge you have in those jeans, As they left I couldn’t believe what I had just done I had offered myself to a young man who was only 18 years of age I was old enough to be his mother I thought this could he be a stop gap for my husband as sex was put on hold with my husband with his project. 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